Premium Moving


Premium Moving


Premium Moving is a family business, owned and operated by Ron and Judy Space,  along with their sons Jason and Tyler. With a vision of being the very best in the field, Ron,  Jason, and Tyler have invested their lives into the company. They started out moving for large carrier corporations, now the family is becoming an innovator of industry as proud owners of Premium Moving, Inc.

At Premium Moving, our services extend beyond the typical moving service. Our movers understand that the moving process can be very stressful, and are trained to assist customers with much more than just “stop, drop, and go” moving. We will provide those “little extras”, such as setting up furniture or equipment that was disassembled during the move; rearranging furniture to your satisfaction, as well as many other services upon request. “We won’t leave you stranded in boxes.”

“We treat our customers the way we would like to be treated”.  Moving is stressful enough on the customer without the mover changing prices midway through the move. We will never do that, nor will we hold your belongings hostage while demanding higher prices. What we can promise to do is to be honest and forthright in all of our work. We are providing a service to you, so we understand your demand for excellence.

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